Tasks app now faster, clearer and simpler after major upgrade

Tasks app now faster, clearer and simpler after major upgrade

facilityapps tasks app

In October, FacilityApps introduced a new version of the app.
Our team has been working hard over the past few weeks to improve features. The new app release includes a merger of the app screens ‘OVERVIEW’ and ‘TASKS’. A new top screen has come in its place with the best of both and many improvements

This update provides a more logical interface, which is easier and faster to learn for new users. In addition, the update provides a better overview of the tasks for different roles, so that each user can see exactly what his tasks are.

We achieve this through our three new smart views.

Site View
This first view shows all sites, each site can be opened and below are all the tasks set to date, this view serves as an overview for supervisors who want to see all sites at a glance.

Room View
Here you can see all the tasks on different floors with the spaces underneath that can be opened. You can also see tasks that are not assigned to a a floor or space. This view is intended for users which are on a site with floors and spaces..

Time view
Here you can see all tasks selected by date by default and once these tasks have been completed they will be removed from this list. This creates a nice overview of tasks that still need to be done.

Handling tasks faster.
In all three views, tasks are now easier and faster than ever to tick off or change status. For this we use the left and right swiping with one movement. This allows us to quickly set different statuses with different colors. This can be selected per task, but it can also be done by pressing multi-select a little longer to handle multiple tasks in one movement..


Time registration and subtasks

Time registration per task is a much-needed innovation. This allows us to set the start and end time for a task and the type of work and choose an employee. The recorded time and task can be seen in the online environment.

It is also possible to set up a mandatory sub-task for a task, such as taking a photo or a signature. If this sub-task is not done, a user will not be able to complete this task.

The date selector has been greatly improved as there is now the possibility to choose an overview in a certain time span. This way you can see exactly what needs to be done in a certain period, or what has happened in a period.

On our manual website, which you can find at the top right of your profile, you will find a detailed explanation of this new task module. Our team continues to work hard on new innovations with FacilityApps!