Quality management app for Cleaning companies 


The DKS Quality Control App is specially designed for the cleaning industry and cleaning services companies. The norms for this quality measuring system are based on NEN-EN 13549:2001. The DKS method is derived from, but not equal to, the VSR-KMS.

This Quality control App is the most advanced and complete cleaning control app to execute and to do daily or weekly quality controls. It is a an effective and simple way to replace all your paper inspection forms. On request of numerous cleaning clients, our digital Inspection App has been improved several times since its introduction in 2013, providing maximum flexibility and functionality.


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NEN-EN 13549:2001 DKS App schoonmaak software

Business Intelligence Dashboards

NEN-EN 13549:2001 DKS App schoonmaak software

Quality Management

NEN-EN 13549:2001 DKS App schoonmaak software

Ensure compliance to cleaning standards


Functionalities Quality management app


Use of quality management of on smartphones and tablets
Adding and adjusting own quality categories
Assign grades and scores to a task.
Add comments or photos to tasks
Flexible scheduling frequency
Automatic notification in case of low cleaning quality
24/7 access to all documents
Secure storage of all data


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Aim for Excellence with FacilityApps


Clean-up quality: digital experience and measurement. Apps and other digital systems make it possible. Why is it important, what are the possibilities and what brings the future?

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