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ERP solution for cleaning companies

With our ERP solution your planning is clear, work orders are fully digital & invoicing is automatic. We are the most widely used software solution for and by cleaning companies, window cleaners, reamers, dust removers and industrial cleaners. We recently acquired Buttonsforcleaners which offers cleaning companies solutions to digitize contracts, planning and invoicing.

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Apps for Mobile Workforce Management

With 15 different app modules, FacilityApps forms the optimal connection between the office, cleaning staff on site, your customers and any subcontractors.

One app suite to completely digitalize all your operational work processes.
Start with 1 app for 1 employee and expand this within your entire company.

facilityapps facility cleaning landscaping wfm workforce management features

Get done more in less time.

facilityapps facility cleaning landscaping wfm workforce management features

Real-time insight and control

facilityapps facility cleaning landscaping wfm workforce management features

Double your client satisfaction rate


Digitize timesheets, scheduling, projections, updates and more paperwork with FacilityApps. Our App platform, with the right combination of apps, accelerates and simplifies work processes and significantly reduces your costs.

Our apps are specially developed for the cleaning industry, Facility Management, Green Management and Building Maintenance. Whether you’re an employee signing in through our app, a security guard checking IDs, or creating a form from headquarters, FacilityApps provides a seamless experience across all mobile devices.

Make your Mobile Workforce more efficient and employable. Ensure that you can fully focus on the most important tasks and prove it to your customers. Waste less time wasting paper records. Maintain control by having insight into all activities on the shop floor. Align your schedule with actual needs and last-minute changes. FacilityApps’ features give you full insight, provide information for your customers and make your business more profitable.




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