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Being able to act, and react, fast and adequately to any report is essential for every business. A question or complaint needs to be handled satisfactorily and immediately.  Often there are many questions and the overview is lost. When this is not completely clear and properly picked up, it can lead to losing important clients. An innovative Service App is the solution.

Our Service App offers you direct advantages and solutions for the issue(s) at hand. Imagine work processes that run more smoothly, a higher client satisfaction rate, lower operational costs and a head start on competitors. 


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Ticket App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Ticket App Cleaning Facility

High service quality control

Ticket App Cleaning Facility

Mobile ticketing




Service App Functionalities


Data retrieved directly from the workplace
All tickets collected in a central system
Add comments or photos to tickets
Data is lodged real-time
Digital signatures on documents
24/7 access to all tickets
Automated push-notifications


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