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Digitize your work orders and say goodbye to paperwork. With the workorder app, a work order can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Share the work order any time with your customer or staff. connect the inside sales force directly with your outside sales force through the app. This digital work order allows you to respond faster to customer requests, simplifies the work process, makes invoicing work orders easier. In short, digitizing the work order will save you a lot of time and costs.

An example of an application for our workbook app is counting fields on hourly basis, machine and material cost fields that can be added separately. The working ticket automatically calculates the totals for which you can sign. It is also possible for you to have it solely completed based on pre-imported pricing rules.

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Work Completely Digitally

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Real-time reporting

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No forgotten work orders


Benefits of the Workbook App 

An app that through a digital platform provides 24/7 visibility, cost and time savings, replacement of paper work orders and fast billing of work orders. Curious about the app or the price for your business? Calculate your price now or schedule a free demo for more information and advice!

The app can be used offline
Directe integration with invoicing software
Automatically share data dashboards
Real-time insight in status of activities
Personalised work tickets
Workload per employee overview
24/7 insight in all documents
Fast handling of complaints

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Connect field operations to inside operations

With the FacilityApps Workorder App, you ensure a better connection between the outside and inside employees. A work order can now be sent digitally at any time to any employee. In this way, every employee in the field has all the information for the work job so that processes can run and be completed much faster. Communication between office staff and field staff becomes much simpler. Tasks can also be attached to the digital work orders that the employee can then check off. Photos and a signature from the customer can also be easily added to the digital work order. This work order is then shared with the office staff, to which they send the invoice to the customer with one push of a button.

Increase your customer response

Digitization of work orders allows you to respond faster to customer requests and deal with questions. This is because processes are better aligned and faster action can be taken because all data is immediately accessible. Customer response becomes higher and faster which can contribute to customer satisfaction.

Accelerate the billing process

The benefits of a digital work order focus not only on speeding up the work process, but also the billing of work. Because the work order is easily and quickly shared with outside and inside sales, billing can basically take place right after the customer signs off.

Sustainability: No more paper work orders

Not only is it very convenient that work orders are no longer used and shared through paper, but it also saves a lot of paper. Replacing paper with a general work order app makes it a sustainable change for your business. Ready to replace paper work orders with the FacilityApps work order app?


Cleaning company SBU Plus about the Workorder app

SBL Plus Started last year with a pilot of Facility Apps’ work order app. From our sustainability policy, we wanted to reduce paper flows in the company. We then came in contact with Facility Apps. With the work orders app, we not only reduced the amount of paper but also made an efficiency move on the administration, invoicing is now faster and much less error-prone. 




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