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Our platform gives guidance on daily and periodical to-do’s. Furthermore, it enables instant reporting of completed tasks & incidents, greatly improves communication and response times. Besides, the App provides cleaners with continuous access to relevant documentation, guidelines or training materials. By using sensors, managers can see which parts of the shopping centre have already been cleaned, how intensively sanitary areas are used and whether dispensers need to be refilled.

Cleaning of a shopping centre requires a unique approach to ensure cost effectiveness. It’s more important than ever for institutions to establish a well-thought-out program for managing maintenance and cleaning operations. Our Shopping Centre Cleaning App supports everyone that is involved in the professional cleaning of shopping centres & malls.


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iot shopping centre cleaning app software

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iot shopping centre cleaning app software

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Implementing your Shopping Centre Cleaning software

The FacilityApps platform operates with predefined templates for operational programs. These templates are included in the software, free for you to use, copy and adjust to your each specific client.

Our platform provides multiple methods for quality control, including photo and video verified tasks. As a result, you can guarantee adequate quality control towards clients.

Cleaning schedules and tasks can be created on a daily basis so cleaners can work more efficiently, only being directed to areas that actually require cleaning. 


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Clean-up quality: digital experience and measurement. Apps and other digital systems make it possible. Why is it important, what are the possibilities and what brings the future?

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