Cleaning in the Food Industry (HACCP)

haccp cleaning food industry software

Cleaning and disinfection compliance does not merely include a properly executed cleaning process. Monitoring of  performed activities is, at least, equally as important.  Control-data needs to be readily available.

The FacilityApps software for planning, quality control and reporting provides you with a platform in which data sharing is fully transparant and accessible for clients. Create a HACCP cleaning plan to comply with all laws and regulations.


High demands are set in the food processing industry. That is why fixed procedures and strict controls are essential. FacilityApps’ food industry cleaning software provides you with support in these processes. This allows you to work as efficiently as possible, paperless and real-time monitoring of the status of all operational activities.


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HACCP BRC IFS schemes food industry cleaning

High degree of flexibility in operational programs

HACCP BRC IFS schemes food industry cleaning

More transparancy between stakeholders

HACCP BRC IFS schemes food industry cleaning

Increased efficiency

HACCP BRC IFS schemes food industry cleaning

Track and guide operator and cleaner behaviour

HACCP BRC IFS schemes food industry cleaning

Better HACCP, BRC and IFS compliance



Implementing your food industry cleaning software

The FacilityApps platform operates with predefined templates for operational programs. These templates are included in the software, free for you to use, copy and adjust to your each specific client.

The platform provides multiple methods for quality control, including photo and video verified tasks, to guarantee adequate quality control towards clients.

To further strenghten quality control, we now offer a sampling functionality which gives you an automated overview of tasks that are recommended to be tested using randomized sampling.


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The system can be applied for planning, implementation and control. Disinfection and cleaning activities form an important management and analysis instrument to comply with the legal requirements set by H.A.C.C.P., B.R.C. and I.F.S. schemes. Managers need to perform fewer activities, which saves time and leads to an increase in operational efficiency. After all, food and commodities authority audits must be passed flawlessly.

By “expertise”, we mean that we delve deep into specifics of the operational management of our clients. Our clients operate in the meat-, fish processing-, canning-, Fruit and vegetable-, convenience food -, bread and banquet production -, beverage – and industrial kitchen cleaning industry.




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Cleaning is a profession that requires professionalism in both management and execution. In the food processing industry, high demands are made. That is why fixed procedures and strict controls are essential. This white paper shows how FacilityApps’ systems can support you in these processes. This enables you to work as efficiently as possible, paperless and everyone is informed of the status of all activities in real time.


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