24×7 access to all relevant documents in our Document Management App


You can upload all necessary documents in Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud based storage. FacilityApps stores documents digitally  and makes them available for all cleaners and supervisors, for example; cleaning instructions and product safety sheets.

Clients and employees have 24×7 access to the documents you want to share. Staff and HR Management. Documents can be linked to employees. Custom HR information can be gathered on site and distributed real-time to relevant stakeholders.

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Document Management App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Document Management App Cleaning Facility

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Document Management App Cleaning Facility

Full transparency between all stakeholders



Document Management App Functionalities

All data retrieved directly from the workplace
Personal planning dashboards & overviews
Assign grades and scores to a task.
Add comments or photos to tasks
Flexible scheduling frequency
Automatic assignment of tasks to person
24/7 access to all documents
Secure storage of all data


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