Stand alone hand sanitizer dispenser stand


Nowadays many buildings use an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand or disinfection post at the entrance with foot pedal, or touch free sensor. Many of these solutions do one thing: offer visitors the possibility to disinfect their hands.

However, Cleaning companies, building managers and facility managers are left with many questions and uncertainties. By combining hardware and software, we were able to come up with a unique answer: the Smart Entrance Solution.

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The smart entrance solution has a communication screen (touchscreen optional) with built-in touchless antibacterial gel dispenser. Users simply keep their hands under the clearly marked sensor and disinfect their hands. The alcohol gel is easy to refill. The stand has a clear 21.5″ LCD display on which you can easily communicate your message.

The system can be operated remotely. A CMS system can be supplied. The content management system makes it possible to remotely log into the system and update the information on all dispensers. Multiple dispensers can easily be managed at the same time.



automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand with sensor and app


Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand with Sensors 

21.5″ LCD Communication Display
Touch free Anti-bacterial gel dispenser
Easily refillable
Can be operated remotely
A Content Management System can be integrated
Easy management of multiple stands
Plug & Play
App integration
Integrated body temperature gauge

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24/7 business intelligence

24/7 insight into the hygiene of the building visitors

Automated Notification

Automated notification of visitor’s increased body temperature

Data-Driven Cleaning

Predictive maintenance and refilling with IoT & Sensors



Connecting touch free hand sanitizer dispenser stands with Apps


The hand sanitizer dispenser stand is only really smart and effective with the Apps from FacilityApps. FacilityApps introduces the Smart Entrance App. This is a new module within an existing platform that uses the data from this smart hand sanitizer dispenser stand to automate refilling and keep a fully digital record of how many people use it in relative to the total number of people who pass by.

The FacilityApps automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand is the first solution with sensors in combination with app-controlled data collection. This gives many more possibilities for controlling the hygiene of building visitors, which is vital to combat the spread of the virus.*

The first truly great solution for building entrances. A data-driven touch free hand sanitizer dispenser stand with sensor that can be upgraded in the future, with or without Corona. 





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