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Every company uses different types of forms, digitised or not. Checklists, delivery- and work-orders, client and staff evaluations. Even audits from, for example ISO 9001 or VCA methods. Paper forms and documents can easily get lost. Besides it takes a lot of time to process- and report this information to both the internal organisation and the external client. FacilityApps puts an end to this.


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Document Management App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Document Management App Cleaning Facility

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Document Management App Cleaning Facility

Full transparency between all stakeholders



Our form builder app acts as a generator that quickly and efficiently digitises all your existing forms and stores them into one central system accessible to PC’s, smartphones and tablets. After digitising the forms, they are available on all devices used in your company instantly.

Retrieving forms becomes a fast process with valuable management information as an added bonus. This is how you will save valuable time and money.




Form Builder App Functionalities


Sign forms digitally
Personal dashboards and reports
Add comments or photos to forms
Personalised branding of forms
Direct output of pdf to colleagues and/or customers
24/7 access to all documents
Automatic push-notifications


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