Buttons For Cleaners and FacilityApps

FacilityApps and Buttons For Cleaners are embarking on a two-year partnership with great benefit and confidence. FacilityApps approached Buttons for cleaners with scheduling & billing solutions as an addition to their software. Soon after that we recognized that we needed to make a choice between our two companies, in order to give the customers, our people and the product the full attention they deserve. In terms of products, we are complementary. In regards to functionalities and software, FacilityApps and Buttons For Cleaners complement each other very well.

About Buttons For Cleaners

Buttons For Cleaners helps Belgian cleaning companies work digitally and efficiently. Their platform offers clear planning, digital work orders, automatic invoicing and mobile apps for employees & team leaders. Based in Gent, a team of eight employees offers software and support all over Belgium in the various national languages.

logical step forward

Once again, after the pandemic, FacilityApps came into the picture and now things were gaining momentum. The culture and approach of FacilityApps is very similar to ours, so it was a logical step to be able to further shape the growth ambitions of Buttons For Cleaners within the FacilityApps organization.

Dirk Tuip, CEO of FacilityApps, is proud of this step: “FacilityApps wants to make the work of cleaners and team leaders on the work floor easier and simpler through our range of apps. In doing so, we like to be ahead in terms of product capabilities and technology, and that puts our customers and partners in a position to grow.
Tuip continues: “The acquisition of Buttons For Cleaners is a very logical one. In terms of product, we are complementary. For example, their product offers functionality that we do not and vice versa. We are convinced that combining our strengths will lead to a stronger organization that will serve our customers even better.”

Buttons For Cleaners and Peripass

“From the start of Buttons For Cleaners, our ambition has been to help cleaning companies in Belgium digitize their administration and planning,” says Leander Naessens, CEO of Buttons For Cleaners. “In doing so, our team managed to build a leading position in Belgium with a scalable product and we are proud of that. At the same time, we noticed that we have another fantastic product on our hands with our sister company Peripass. Managing two rapidly growing companies operating in different markets at the same time proved to be too demanding for the management. Therefore, we looked for a suitable party from the same market to take over and to do justice to the potential of Buttons For Cleaners.”