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By setting clear standards for what is expected of a cleaning program, cleaners in schools and universities can perform their tasks more effectively. The challenges at these locations are the periodic tasks such as cleaning floors and cupboards.

Managers have real-time insight into completed tasks, employee locations and how intensively washrooms have been used. Employees are automatically notified when dispensers need to be refilled using sensors.


The monitoring of the cleaning staff within school environments are key for a good hygiene, a low sickness rate and high cleaning efficiency. So it’s more important than ever for institutions to establish a well-thought-out program for managing maintenance and cleaning operations. Our App Suite designed for school and university cleaning supports all those who are involved in professional cleaning in education and who want to increase productivity and profitability by improving the efficiency and management of operating personnel.


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Instant notification of new cleaning tasks

university school cleaning app software facilityapps

Provide evidence of proper execution of tasks

university school cleaning app software facilityapps

Digital quality control assessments



Implementing your software

The solution is the FacilityApps app suite designed for contract cleaners and in house operators / service teams. Schools can easily install a digital specification of cleaning services and their points of delivery. Frequent hand-touch sites or elements such as door handles, taps, keyboards, telephones, light switches etc. can be planned in and monitored on quality.

With FacilityApps you have the ability to evidence work completed to clients & management. Digitising the process would result in overall increased control and efficiency. Possibilities for daily, weekly, monthly, periodic tasks to finish off easily on a smartphone or tablet. Time for a better performance with the software and apps of FacilityApps. 


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Clean-up quality: digital experience and measurement. Apps and other digital systems make it possible. Why is it important, what are the possibilities and what brings the future?

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