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Be aware of possible cost saving opportunities with our BI dashboards. Avoid downtime. Use software to predict the impact of your decisions and respond proactively to seasonal changes, while IoT applications such as robotic mowers or irrigation computers act accordingly. Improve client engagement with complete transparency of relevant work and project related information.

Especially in a competitive sector like landscape and environment management or lawn maintenance, thinking and planning ahead makes the difference between loss or profit. With our landscaping apps platform, using mobile workforce management apps in combination with IoT solutions, your people can be optimally deployed and maximum performance can be realized. Our fully customized stack of software with over 50 adjustable functionalities provide you with the right tools to boost your landscaping business and stay ahead of the game.

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No more paperwork: self created digital forms only

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On the spot quotations for any additional work

landscaping apps platform software facilityapps

Continous access to work or project related information


Discover all you need to know about our commercial Landscaping Apps platform. With mobile technology, computer activities can now be implemented from any location. Give your workforce access to available data and service information. Automate recurring tasks and processes, and use interactive tools as IoT sensors to further optimize operational efficiency. 

We construct our platform in line with your organisation’s needs in order to provide a seamlessly coherent experience across all devices, with real-time data and easy access for all stakeholders, anywhere. Only including relevant software in your platform, we safeguard your readiness for the mobile working future.


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What will the future of green management look like?


Smart technology and new developments are being applied in more and more professional fields, like green management. According to policy makers, smart cities are the future. But what about green management?


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