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Using the FacilityApps Airport cleaning app, a manager has real-time insights in all operational data, can make reports with little effort, easily provide evidence of work to clients and respond faster to incoming complaints. 

By using sensors, the manager has full insight into, for example, which parts of the hall have already been cleaned or how many people have been in a toilet. Cleaners are also automatically notified when dispensers need to be refilled.

From the cleaner’s perspective, our Airport Cleaning App gives guidance on daily and periodical to-do’s, enables instant reporting of completed tasks & incidents, greatly improves communication and response times. Besides, the App provides cleaners with continuous access to relevant documentation, guidelines or training materials. 

This platform can be the foundation of smooth operations for your organisation, which is something our clients, and yours, require. 


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Monitor activities with BI dashboard

smart airport cleaning app iot software

Increased efficiency

smart airport cleaning app iot software

Track and guide operator and cleaner behaviour




Implementing your Airport Cleaning App

The FacilityApps platform operates with predefined templates for operational programs. These templates are included in the software, free for you to use, copy and adjust to your each specific client.

The platform provides multiple methods for quality control, including photo and video verified tasks, to guarantee adequate quality control towards clients.

Cleaning schedules and tasks can be created on a daily basis. Cleaners can work more efficiently, only being directed to areas that actually require cleaning. 


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Whitepaper QR & NFC in cleaning


Whitepaper – QR & NFC in Cleaning

Discover more on technological developments and applications within the Cleaning industry by downloading one of our whitepapers! 

In our latest whitepaper we go into depth on QR and NFC, compare the two options and discuss all applications in the cleaning industry.


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