FacilityApps partners with Facility Genius to begin work  in the US

FacilityApps partners with Facility Genius to begin work  in the US

The American company, Facility Genius, signed a contract with FacilityApps during the CMS show in Berlin. Together they will help cleaning companies in the United States in the coming years to digitalize the cleaning operation via apps. Facility Genius focuses on the sales, training and guidance of the cleaning companies, so FacilityApps can focus on further product development. After the start-up of activities in Canada last year, this new growth is a step onto the American continent for the scale-up from Amsterdam.

A lot of experience in cleaning

Jill Frey is the founder of Cummins Facility Services and widely respected in the world of facility services through her knowledge and experience. Jill took over the management of Cummins Facility Services (CFS) immediately after graduating from the University of Toledo and has dedicated her career to the development of the company that her parents founded. Under her leadership, the company has grown from 15 employees with activities in one state to more than 800 employees nationally. After participating in the InventIllinois program, Jill founded a new company called Facility Genius last April.

Jill Frey about partnership

“Facility Genius is all about technology, software and data. Buildings are getting smarter and can tell us more about what they need. But cleaning is and remains a people’s job. Connecting the two together, that’s what Facility Genius is all about. We are very much looking forward to growing together with FacilityApps in America. In the past year we have gained a lot of knowledge of the FacilityApps platform and experienced for ourselves what the benefits are. We would now like to use this experience to help cleaning companies and in-house teams achieve more efficiency, more transparency, and longer lasting customer relationships.”

FacilityApps expansion

Chris van den Berg, CCO of FacilityApps, about the deal: “Our first meeting with Jill was at the Amsterdam Interclean fair in 2018, at first she passed by our stand, after which I urged her to take a closer look at our product and after one minute I saw that Jill was already fully convinced.”

“The power of trade shows, getting together and meeting in person, is of decisive importance in doing business. We also met at the Pulire show in Verona and CMS in Berlin. Now, one and a half years later, we will partner at the ISSA show in Las Vegas with Jill, and we are convinced that we will be doing good business here as well.”

“The open, enthusiastic, and tireless character of Jill gives us a lot of energy. FacilityApps is by nature a software company that works together in a very open and connecting way because we realize that we can only grow by making a lot of connections with other parties.”

FacilityApps and Facility Genius will make the first steps during the ISSA exhibition in Las Vegas. More information about this collaboration will also be announced at the show.