FacilityApps selected in European Cleaning Awards as Groundbreaking Technological Innovation of the Year

The European Cleaning Award organization is delighted to announce FacilityApps als finalist in the shortlist of four for the inaugural European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards in the category ‘Groundbreaking Technological Innovation of the Year’. The award ceremony is in Barcelona on the 29th of September.

There were an outstanding number of entries so it’s a real testament to the hard work and dedication for the FacilityApps team working to change the sector.


Category Groundbreaking Technological Innovation of the Year

The professional cleaning sector is widely perceived as being slow to change, and in particular in adapting new technology. In what is a highly labour-intensive occupation that is perceived as being low skilled, many often question just what impact latest technology can really have.

But technology is finally beginning to have a significant impact on how cleaning operations run, as service providers seek efficiencies, productivity and a more beneficial relationship with their clients – and with their own employees.

Evidence Based Cleaning the future of professional cleaning?

FacilityApps has several initiatives in the Internet of Things area and believes in ‘Evidence Based Cleaning’. Smart and automated data gathered from products, machines, sensors, the building itself and the people will lead to a different view on the cleaning model itself. FacilityApps wants to open all this smart data so that the real innovation comes to the floor and the end users.