FacilityApps e-ink display

Replace your traditional paper checklist with an e-ink display!

We are taking digitalization even further by replacing the paper checklists on toilets with an e-ink display that shows when the last cleaning was done and when the next one is scheduled. This e-ink display doesn’t need power and also doesn’t need Wi-Fi connection. This is important to building-owners because is works stand-alone and doesn’t need any infrastructure changes, like screws, to keep it in place. The display comes in different sizes, but all of them are very affordable, ranging from 30-50 euro ‘s. They work directly out of the box and don’t need any set-up to deploy. 

So how does it work?

A cleaner gets a notification to clean a washroom. After they are finished cleaning, they swipe a task in Facility Apps that the washroom has been cleaned. On exiting the washroom, the Cleaner holds their mobile phone against the e-ink display for 10 seconds and this will update the screen with the latest status.


  • No more unreadable scribbles
  • Paper gets lost, e-paper doesn’t.
  • Cleaners can’t ‘pre-sign’ before actual cleaning.
  • Crumpled paper does not look neat & tidy, an e-ink display has a professional appearance. 
  • Paper checklist are manually gathered each shift/day/week and is labour-intensive.
  • Paper checklist needs to be filed or typed over into Excel for reporting
  • Paper checklist you can’t easily share or distribute it

What’s needed?

  • Facility Apps modules:
    • Tasks & work program
    •  Room book
  • Mobile Phone with NFC
  • E-ink displays




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