The start of a revolution

FacilityApps is an innovative start-up company specialized in the development of apps for operational processes on location. The curiosity and drive of the Management Team with more than 20 years combined experience in Facility Management, have accounted for a revolution in mobile workforce management.

What started as a search for efficiency and productivity improvement tools, has resulted in the development of a flexible SaaS platform for all work floor processes. Many companies in various industry branches already manage their mobile workforce by means of a FacilityApps app platform. And the number is increasing rapidly. The revolution has started.

Innovations that work – We believe in (big) data

We invent new technologies and deploy these in a targeted manner. We install for example sensors in key places to gain insight in the work processes, to enable us to start proactively and to monitor all data continuously.

‘Big Data’ information flow like this will increasingly used by us for future purposes. At the same time we closely monitor the increased usage of sensors & robots to automate various processes as we expect this to lead to significant new steps in mobile workforce management in the near future.

A revolution has been started that will impress, and impact us more and more. So stay tuned! Follow us on Social Media or sign up for our enews.

Open minds

In our ever expanding team you recognize the ambitions of FacilityApps. Keywords are: innovative, curious, flexible and focussed. Our staff work happily in a non hierarchical, transparant business environment. We are as open and honest to each other as we are to our clients. And we deliver what we promise.

Potential candidates

From day one you will be working on a product that will be used by thousands of people every day. It is your task to optimize and improve the SaaS platform and to expand it’s capabilities with new functionalities. Usability and User Interaction rank high on everyone’s priority list in order to offer our clients the best possible user experience.


Look here for our current vacancies. Alternatively feel free to send us your motivation letter and resume in case of open application. We like to hear from you!


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