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The FacilityApps app suite has been designed for contract cleaners and in house service teams. By digitizing tasks and checklists, cleaning of items that are often touched, such as door handles, taps, keyboards, telephones and light switches, can be planned and checked on cleaning quality.

Also, providing proof of completed tasks to clients and management becomes easy with our software. In addition, digitizing the cleaning process gives you more control and increased efficiency. Tick off finished daily, weekly and monthly tasks easily on a smartphone or tablet. Improve your performance with the Facility Apps hospital cleaning software.

Additionally, cleaners will receive automated notifications from sensors when dispensers require refilling. Other smart solutions for hospitals are disinfection stations and sensors which measure how intensively specific rooms are used. 


Checking staff and providing proof of cleaning quality is crucial within the healthcare industry, above all. Meeting industry cleaning standards is a challenge. This is due to clinical risks, level of occupation and changing surface types. Therefore, hospitals need to standardize and track manual cleaning processes.


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hospital cleaning app software facilityapps

Better Contamination Control

hospital cleaning app software facilityapps

Compliance with cleaning Guidelines

hospital cleaning app software facilityapps

Cleaning Quality Management




Implementing your software

Firstly, your hospital app works with templates for cleaning tasks. These templates are free for you to use, copy and change to your personal needs.

Also, the platform gives you the option to include photo and video evidence in tasks. As a result, cleaning quality is assured to your clients.

Furthermore, to improve quality control, you can use our sampling tool. This gives you an overview of tasks that we recommend to test.


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Clean-up quality: digital experience and measurement. Apps and other digital systems make it possible. Why is it important, what are the possibilities and what brings the future?

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