Workdays FacilityApps at beer- and croquette factory

FacilityApps team has been visiting customers in the past few weeks at various locations to see how the Apps are used in practice. Among other things, a visit was made to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, the production facility of Dobben Kroketten (Royaan) and in green at various locations in North Holland. 

Johan de Punder, who leads the development team, on the work visits: “Of course, we test the App every week at the office when we build new things. But it is always better to stand next to the cleaner or gardener to see how he responds to screens. But also to see if it could be done even better, faster and simpler. We often receive very good feedback from end users, what we can use again for optimization. And our programmers often find it very fun to see the Apps in action, so it is also good for the team spirit.”

Cleaning at Heineken 

“We are seeing more and more cleaning companies that provide cleaning staff with smart phones. That is why we have been to a customer of one of our clients – Successful Cleaning – on a work visit and we joined a manager and a cleaner. We have looked at:

– the checking in and out
– the logbook that is used for communication between customer, object leader and cleaner
– the work program
– the tasks
– the DKS check after work’

App for food companies

One of the other companies that has been using Apps on the work floor for years is Foodguard. They specialize in cleaning in the food industry. One of their customers is Royaan, where the Dobben croquettes are made. “This is a very specific process and in terms of cleaning is the most comprehensive process that exists in the cleaning process”.

This is because each element often has multiple tasks, which must be checked according to a procedure. The quality standards underlying this are from America and apply to HACCP and food in general. We have looked at how we can further improve and facilitate our App – which already offers this process in detail.

All in all they were instructive working days for FacilityApps which also reinforced team spirit and provided more insight into the staff in how our App is used daily.

See the pictures of the working days  here 

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