What is happening in your building? 

Do you remember the time when scientific studies showed that it was actually not your initial service level, but rather your response to complaints that determined profitability?

From reactive to realtime predictive

It was that time when medicine was still reactive (“doctor, I am ill”) and generalistic (“here is a general dose of poison, let see how that works”).

It was that time when it was still too expensive, or even impossible to do real time predictive analysis, let alone to come up with customized solutions.


Apps for Smart Building

Facility Management and new technology

Now, 30 years in the computer revolution, facility management is starting to open up to the possibilities of new tools and techniques.

We are able to measure our physical world. New technology can send data over long range, with low power usage. This means sensors can last a long time (5+ years) on a battery. This in turn means we can apply sensors on all things around us. To measure how they sound, if they vibrate, how many times they click, how full they are, or how warm. It is like for the first time, our building is getting windows. We can look inside and see what is going on.


Even better, we can register all the measurements. And we can analyse this data, to extrapolate correlations that we never thought of. We can optimise and start making real-time predictions.

And this wouldn’t be useful, if we didn’t have a way of acting upon our new found insights.


But we do: we have software that enables us to create and administer tasks to personnel on the ground: the mobile workforce. Register, instruct, check, taskmanagement, create forms: it is all possible, real-time, on demand, personalised and customised.

Apps for Smart Buildings

So no more waiting to perfectly handle a service complaint from your customer. From now on, you will be always a step ahead, because you know what is happening inside.

We call this evidence based cleaning.

This blog is written by Jorus Everaerd, I.o.T. Officer at FacilityApps.