FacilityApps: the ultimate Mobile Workforce Management tool


Automation and innovation are ongoing work processes in most companies. However many companies working with a mobile workforce still work in the traditional way. Time sheets, planning sheets, projections, updates and all the rest of the paperwork still has filled out by the ‘mobile’ workforce. This is where innovative mobile solutions can make a real difference. An App platform with the right combination of apps will speed up and simplify work processes while significantly reducing costs at the same time. This way an enormous competitive advantage can be realised. And that’s just one of the many advantages.

Improvements you will notice immediately :

  1. Administrative and control tasks are made easier, better and more efficient

Simple entry by means of smartphone, tablet or pc. Both on- and offline.

  1. Complete overview

Know exactly where your staff is, what they are doing and how they are performing.

  1. Transparancy for everyone

The dashboard provides a complete overview of all operational processes visable for both staff and workfloor supervisors but also for management and the client itself. This on local, regional and national level.

Our flexible App platform offers you :

  • Over 50 functionalities

In order to compose and adapt the app platform completely to your wishes.

  • Multilingual and user friendly.

Get started in one day without any training

  • Easy and fast implementation

With clever connections to your own ERP-system.

  • Safety

Double security to protect you company information.

  • Cost friendly

Costwise we have one simple rule: only pay what you use.

And the only tool your workforce needs is a smartphone or a tablet.


Our apps have been specially developed for the Cleaning Industry, Facility Management, Green Management and Property Maintenance.


  • Planning:
    • Planning App
    • Hour registration App
    • Time registration App
    • To Do App
    • Presence App
    • HR App


  • Quality:
    • Quality measuring App
    • Forms App
    • ID App
    • Document management App
    • DKS App
    • Checklist App


  • Service:
    • Service App

Ticket App