Apps for Landscaping and Green Maintenance


Be aware of possible cost saving opportunities. Avoid downtime. Respond proactively to seasonal changes. Create client engagement. Especially in a competitive sector like landscaping, green management or lawn maintenance, thinking and planning ahead makes the difference between loss or gain. Our App platform for mobile workforce management makes complete process management possible. Different apps with more than 50 adjustable functionalities provide you with the right tools. 

Landscaping Apps offer direct advantages with 25 staff members or more.



Concrete advantages Commercial Landscape Management

  1. Flexible setup of planning and control aimed at execution
  2. No more paperwork: self created digital forms only
  3. On the spot quotations for any additional work
  4. Continous access to work or project related information
  5. Staff members can place order directly


White Papers and downloads Landscaping

Download interesting and relevant documentation, reports and surveys here.


“The impact of technologie for Landscaping”

“Brochure and Pricing FacilityApps Landscaping”

“Case Krinkels”

Green Management Apps

Here you can learn all about Commercial Green Management Apps. The apps developed by FacilityApps can be integrated in a complete platform. This way all work processes are covered and are you ready for the mobile working future.


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    FacilityApps introduces new Tasks App

    It is no longer necessary to print working plans and tasks FacilityApps has offered the opportunity to plan tasks for years. It also had a special HACCP-module for food cleaning. However, it was not suited to use for regular cleaning of buildings, schools and hospitals. With the introduction of a completely new work program and […]

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    ’Landscaper does not want to waste time on technical nonsense’  

    With the FacilityApps app, a report or survey of a green-project was already a piece of cake on site. Through a link with Infogroen’s professional software, green providers can streamline their business processes even more easily. The app facilitating pre-calculation and backoffice is currently being tuned, where all-round outdoor service provider T&G Group acts as […]

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    App provides Donkergroen insight into green management and keeps the green administrator informed digitally

    Green providers such as Donkergroen had previously lost a lot of time because of it: drawing up a scanning report of a green project, scanning it and sending it to the customer. This can now be done a lot faster: one App is enough to provide a customer and the internal organization with an overview […]

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