The hotel cleaning app from Facility Apps gives you more control over the cleaning operation

The big topics of recent years in hotel cleaning have been hospitality and optimal customer experience. Accurate work programs, real-time planning and managing the quality of cleaning are important elements in this. There is also increasing demand from cleaners in addition to their normal cleaning activities.

Are you a cleaning company and specialized in cleaning hotels? Or do you have your own cleaning service and do you want to get a better grip on the cleaners?

Take a look at our hotel cleaning app and software then.

Benefits of using apps in hotel cleaning

There are several advantages to the use of apps by cleaners and their supervisor:

  • Time and therefore cost saving;
  • One way of cleaning on the work floor;
  • Real-time insight;
  • Managing people, for example occupation;
  • Respond faster to complaints;
  • Higher quality;

Customers in hotel branche

Thousands of users make use our apps in cleaning, service and facility managementon a daily basis. Here are some customers who also use our hotel cleaning software:






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FacilityApps has a modular structure. The individual modules and data can also be linked to external software. The goal is to be able to offer a total solution in the operation, so that you are ready for the future of mobile working.

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