Vileda Professional takes professional cleaning with FacilityApps to the next level of efficiency

The new Vileda iQonnect App solution, which is developed by FacilityApps, will enable contract cleaners to reduce their managerial costs significantly by digitalizing core operational processes. Vileda Professional opens up a new chapter of efficiency for professional cleaning companies.

App Vileda Professional

The iQonnect-App includes functions like time & attendance registration, real-time monitoring and reporting of working hours, digitalized HR information, working plans and schedules, quality and complaint management and many more. Managers and supervisors will be able to work on their documents 24/7 using a tablet or a smartphone. No doubt: The future of cleaning is here.

Get all documents and forms easily digitized so that managers, supervisors and cleaners will be able to do more in less time. Vileda Professional predicts that by this saving up to 15% of managerial costs is possible. Additionally, it will offer more transparency to clients via real-time reports and dashboards.

Vileda iQonnect App – Real time cleaning with big data en business intelligence dashboards

Vileda Professional developed the Vileda iQonnect App in cooperation with “FacilityApps” – an innovative company specialized in the development of apps for operational processes with thousands of daily active users.

vileda iqonnect