Evidence Based Workforce Management with Internet of Things (IOT)



Sensors and connectivity have become smaller and cheaper, which means that we can apply them more easily. The growth in the number of ‘connected’ things (IOT) is enormous, as is demonstrated in the graph. In our core industries cleaning and facility we are moving towards a new era, one that’s characterized less by smart sensors but more by the data generated by it.

Our app and data platform provides information for your mobile workforce, which is a combination of manual data and smart data from physical objects like machines (or even robots), clothes, materials, sensors and trolleys. And also data out of the Smart Building like occupancy and indoor location. 

The world of facility, cleaning and landscaping is ready for sensors and IoT

The ultimate goal is to work more efficiently and transparent. Service providers like contract cleaners and landscaping companies have an overview, and from there you can automate processes on the work floor. The common denominator in this search is information, or better: information that can be used as an input to the work process.

Our customers get very excited when they experience how digitization positively impacts work processes. We share their enthusiasm, and are always looking for projects and pilots to further explore evidence based workforce management. Take a look at the video about our vision.



Concrete examples and solutions

We failed and learned a lot over the last years. All current (pilot) solutions are providing more efficiency and transparency for service providers like contract cleaners and landscaping companies.

Some examples:

  1. With people counters you can measure the occupancy in rooms;
  2. With smart bin sensors you can see the filing rate of a bin;
  3. Smart Washroom sensors will give you notifications when to clean;
  4. With beacons you have a cheap and scalable solution that a cleaner was in an important room.
  5. With RFID Tracking (for example Connected Cleanroom with our partner Berendsen) you can manage your assets like clothes, mops or other important products.
  6. And we have an easy to implement solution to see where the cleaner is in the building. 


Tech agnostic

We are not bound by any specific technology, for inside buildings like WIFI, zigbee, bluetooth or outside building for LoRa, NBiot or NFC. For every solution, we look for the best fit in sensor technology and connectivity: what works best and is affordable? We are tech agnostic.

The current solutions shown enable us to measure how a building or product is being used. But it doesn’t stop there. Because we measure everything digitally, we build historical data on the usage of buildings. And this historical data can be analyzed. And this analysis  an be used to optimize, and to take appropriate action.

Practically: the Binster – Bin sensor – enables us to measure the filling rate of waste bins. So we know real-time how full the bins are, and so we can select on full bins. The result is a task to empty the full bins, instead of all the bins because it was scheduled. We’re always looking for partners who want to share data, learn from there and move into new business models.


The latest IOT news

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