Evidence Based Workforce Management with Internet of Things (IOT)



The internet of things (IoT) is about measuring the physical world. Sensors and connectivity have become smaller and cheaper, which means that we can apply them more easily.

More and more physical objects ‘things’ are being measured, we can know their location, movement, temperature, speed, sound, flow, humidity, etc. The data is sent to the internet, and picked up from there. The growth in the number of ‘connected’ things is enormous, as is demonstrated in the graph.


The world of facility, cleaning and landscaping is ready for sensors and IoT

The promise of IoT is also enormous: the internet will change from what it is now (a huge harddisk), to a central nerve system, spread across the world. We can measure and know everything. Big corporations like Samsung, Cisco and Microsoft are putting their money on IoT; they are all making big acquisitions and investments to become thé platform in this game.

When it comes to connectivity (sending data to the internet) we really like the LoRa technology: a long range, low power network for wireless sensors that work on a battery. Perfect for retrofit solutions that require non-continuous measurements.



Solutions for evidence based workforce management

FacilityApps makes apps for your mobile workforce. So they can work more efficiently. And so that you have an overview, and so you can automate processes on the work floor. Our customers get very excited when they experience how digitization positively impacts work processes. We share their enthusiasm, and are always looking to create further improvements.

To raise servicelevels, efficiency, safety or control. The common denominator in this search is information, or better: information that can be used as an input to the work process.

When you have the right information, you can optimally adjust your work process to reality. You might be using experience based rules at the moment, but optimally, you would want hard, measured data. This is evidence based workforce management.

Tech agnostic

We are not bound by any specific technology. For every solution, we look for the best fit in sensor technology and connectivity: what works best and is affordable? We are tech agnostic. A couple of our solutions that we are using in pilot projects.

The solutions shown enable us to measure how a building or product is being used. But it doesn’t stop there. Because we measure everything digitally, we build historical data on the usage of buildings. And this historical data can be analyzed. And this analysis  an be used to optimize, and to take appropriate action.

Practically: the Binster – Bin sensor – enables us to measure the filling rate of waste bins. So we know real-time how full the bins are, and so we can select on full bins. The result is a task to empty the full bins, instead of all the bins because it was scheduled.


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