Interclean and FacilityApps organize Interclean Hackathon

Interclean and FacilityApps organize Interclean Hackathon

Interclean hackathon 2020 FacilityApps

In May 2020, during the first day of the Hackathon, 10 teams will cross swords for the Interclean Hackathon, powered by FacilityApps. Within the cleaning industry there is a revolution going on in the field of digitization, robotization and technology. At the same time, the cleaning sector is struggling to attract young people with new ideas. This is how the idea for a Hackathon was born.

What’s a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event in which teams of participants work non-stop – in the case of the Interclean 10 hours in a row on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 – to come up with solutions to the problems offered in a short period of time. The participants are motivated by attractive prices.



Great opportunity for the cleaning industry

“This is a great opportunity for the industry to attract more young people. Young people’s ideas are needed to take the industry to the next level. That future will increasingly include a tech component. Young people are able to make that link. We therefore hope that many teams will apply with a mix of qualities,” says Dirk Tuip, CEO at FacilityApps.

In 2020 Interclean will welcome ten teams (each with five members) from all over the world to demonstrate their digital problem-solving skills during the fair in Amsterdam. They face the challenge of developing an app concept for cleaning staff, based on an existing everyday problem. The intention is that the teams will come up with a solution within ten hours. The winning team can count on 2,500 euros and a special surprise.

During the event, visitors will be able to walk around freely in the Hackathon environment. They can follow the process and the progress of the different teams. You can talk to application and software developers, facility management students, game designers and developers. Share your thoughts about their development and maybe they can even give you tips.

The Interclean Hackathon is made possible by FacilityApps. It is an initiative to support the acceleration of digitization in the sector. In addition, it is intended to attract the next generation of young IT students and professionals who are looking for a career in the cleaning sector. The Hackathon not only gives them the opportunity to become familiar with the professional cleaning and hygiene industry. But also to contribute to a cleaner and healthier world.