FacilityApps makes big step towards data-driven cleaning with Roombook module

FacilityApps makes big step towards data-driven cleaning with Roombook module

FacilityApps makes big step towards data-driven cleaning with Roombook module

In addition to a new tool for objective quality management, FacilityApps is launching a second innovation at Interclean in the RAI: ROOMBOOK. This is a module that provides insight into the status of a room based on various data, such as sensor data and work programs. This gives cleaning companies insight into usage and end users insight into the cleaning status of a room.

Data-driven cleaning
Roombook is a nice addition to our work programs and tasks. We have an increasing need to know on a daily basis which rooms have been cleaned and when, not only in hospitals, clean rooms and food production, but also in traditional office environments. With Roombook you get instant access to the status of rooms.

Previously a cleaner worked according to a fixed set of tasks, with Roombook time can be allocated more efficiently. With a clear map of a location on which colors show the status of a room, the cleaner can work pro-actively. On top of that we provide the option to add sensors to rooms. These measure movement, count the number of visitors, the use of garbage cans and dispensers and give a signal that there is work to be done. Or that a room does not need to be cleaned.

Practical advantages
Data-driven cleaning provides insight and efficiency for cleaning companies. We at FacilityApps try to make the step to start with data-driven cleaning as small as possible because every object is unique and data must have the time to learn. Roombook gives a practical insight and lets a cleaner clean only what is dirty. Like at an airport with 24/7 staffing. One of the toilets is at the end of a corridor. According to the work program, this area needed to be cleaned every hour. Walking there took the cleaner 5 minutes.

Often it turned out on the spot that the room had not been used and the cleaner had to walk back 5 minutes without accomplishing anything. A waste of time. With Roombook there is now insight into the use of the room and the cleaner knows whether he should go there or not. That saves a lot of time on a day, which can be effectively used in another room for more urgent matters. This flexibility also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Mobile first
At FacilityApps the app is central, so Roombook becomes available directly in the app. Via new screens that display a status overview per room and per floor. By clicking on these screens, details become visible. These data also form an ideal basis for management reports.

We are taking digitalization even further and want to replace the paper checklists on toilets with a screen on a toilet that shows the user when the last cleaning was done. This data is also controlled by sensors through Roombook.