FacilityApps is set to move over to H20 Campus before the end of the year!

In October 2019, FacilityApps will be moving to a new location. ‘Our current location in the city center of Purmerend with it all of its’ facilities at a walking distance is great. However, our office is becoming too small, so we need space to expand. The H20 campus provides a unique opportunity.’

H20 Gaming, esports and creative tech

The H20 campus is positioned as a true campus area with sporting fields and schools around. H20 is all about training the new generation of employees and skills for the future. Students, IT start-ups, creative tech companies, gaming and esports will all be bundled in H20, which is the first physical aspect of PurmerValley. Eric Kok: ‘We already noticed that our involvement in H20 allows us to attract new talent more easily. As many other IT companies, we also have to battle for talents and new skills like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis and design. Recruitment is only the first step, one also needs to keep them onboard! Providing them with a great place to work is a very important aspect. The move to the H20 campus really creates a buzz in the company!’

For more information about H20, Gaming and Esports head over to www.h20.gg

Aerial photo of H20 campus