With the FacilityApps workbook app, you have the flexibility to apply functionalities based on your specific needs.

In industries such as cleaning companies, glass cleaners, gardeners and companies active in road and water construction, a lot of paperwork is still used, but that’s no longer necessary. FacilityApps provides you with a fully customized, digital app platform for all your working tickets.

An example of an application for our workbook app is counting fields on hourly basis, machine and material cost fields that can be added separately. The working ticket automatically calculates the totals for which you can sign. It is also possible for you to have it solely completed based on pre-imported pricing rules.


Workbook App Benefits


Workbook App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Workbook App Cleaning Facility

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Workbook App Cleaning Facility

High service quality control

Workbook App Cleaning Facility

Mobile ticketing



Clear and simple registration; Time and cost saving; Always a complete overview of all tickets; Fast handling of complaints, reports and questions; Activities are automatically forwarded to the responsible person
You and your clients are always informed about the status of which activity; Significant Improved Internal and External communications;



Workbook App Functionalities


  • The app can be used offline, when operating in the field.
  • More efficient processes, in which working tickets can no longer be misplaced, no duplication of documents is possible and all relevant information can be transferred to your billing program instantly.
  • Real-time insight in the current status of the planned activities, including the workload per employee.
  • Employee tracking ensures that you are always aware of the location of your mobile workers.
  • FacilityApps lets you define forms and working tickets so your employees only capture the information you need:
  • Automatic distribution of information to the right persons and / or departments.
  • Native iOS, Android and Windows apps for the best user experience.

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