FacilityApps has its backend and apps (total platform) available in Dutch, English, German, Russian and French. It is relatively easy to add new languages here.

FacilityApps recommends for Team-Users a mobile device with a minimum screen size of 480×854 pixels. This increases readability and user experience. Service Users can usually operate with a smartphone. We recommend equipping any device with a data connection.

For more on devices and browsers, visit our system requirements page here.


Yes, our platform is completely ‘in the cloud’. Our backend is a login through an internet browser (preferably Google Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox). Our app can be found in the various app stores. Because our app is built as a native app, you can also use the app offline. We have customers who do not have a data bundle on their phone or tablet and yet work with FacilityApps. The data is stored locally and securely and if there is Wi-Fi connection, all data is synchronized. There are, of course, limitations in offline mode.

FacilityApps is not a web app, but a native app. This means that we can offer a better user experience. In addition, you don’t always need a connection to be able to enter data. These are the advantages of a native app compared to a mobile or web app.

Yes, an online connection is necessary to be able to use all functionalities. It is not necessary to use a mobile subscription, because FacilityApps is a native app and, therefore, also the most important functionalities also work offline. The processed forms and tasks are encrypted and stored locally. If there is a WiFi connection, all data is synchronized. Particularly in modern buildings, cellars and remote areas, the connection is sometimes lost. With FacilityApps, the work can always continue.

The FacilityApps app works on nearly every smartphone and tablet running on iOS and Android. There are some requirements for the software versions of these platforms (iOS7 and above, Android 4.4 and above) and for speed, and for a good and stable user experience we prefer a good process speed (minimum of …) and at least 3 GB of working

For end users, if you know how to use a tablet and/or smartphone (and this is 90% of the population older than 4 years), then you can also use FacilityApps. For end users in the field (cleaners, gardeners, etc.) we have kept the app as simple and intuitive as possible. The average user only needs a 15-minute instruction to get started.

For the administrator/manager who manages our package on the customer side, something more is expected. We will train, educate and support this manager, but he must be accustomed to working with computers and other software packages. On average, it takes a day to train this super user and have the first processes implemented in FacilityApps.

Yes, you can easily add or remove new users yourself. You pay each month for the users in the system, or it has to be contractually agreed otherwise.

The backend can be provided with its own logo and the theme colors can be adjusted and thus tailored to your house style. Forms that are generated in PDF can also be provided with your own logo and in terms of color theme adapted to your house style.


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