Yes, we use programs such as team viewer. This allows us to watch remotely and help you in this way, both in the backend (on the computer) and in the app.

No, FacilityApps is a cloud product and is therefore not installed locally on a server. The advantage for you is that you do not have to worry about the infrastructure, backups, updates, and the like.

You can submit your question, problem or suggestions for improvement to Then a ticket is immediately created for this in our helpdesk system. Then our employees will process that report. The urgency is directly assessed and this influences the speed of treatment: urgent matters are given priority over less urgent matters.

All software suffers from bugs, including ours. We try to solve it as well and as quickly as possible. The most important thing is that if there is a bug that prevents you from going any further, we include this as priority 1 to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

Yes, there are. These are described in our SLA (Service Level Agreement). Ja die zijn er. Deze zijn beschreven in onze SLA (Service Level Agreement). There are different types of incidents that are also called bugs, blockers or user questions.

  • Failure of FacilityApps in the back office within the existing functionality of FacilityApps. The response time is in any case less than 2 hours;
  • Failure of some significant functions. There is often a work-around to think of. The response time is in any case shorter than 8 hours;
  • Other errors that do not directly affect the functionality. The response time is in any case shorter than 48 hours;


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