The Smart Washroom with IoT


Bathrooms, restrooms and toilets are generally any company’s high-maintenance rooms. Soap dispenser fill levels, paper towels and bins need to be checked regularly by cleaning staff. In large buildings this task is extremely time consuming and often very inefficient. With the combination of the internet of things (IoT) and revolutionary software, we can now measure the levels of each dispenser using sensors and directly transmit this data to a central platform. The Smart Washroom solutions developed by FacilityApps and Ophardt Hygiene enables cleaners to make real-time adjustments to regular schedules based on sensor collected data from dispensers, clearly displayed in a data dashboard.


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Smart Washroom Solutions. Intelligent Hand Hygiene Dispenser



Smart Washroom Solutions


Focusing on creating a positive washroom experience, Facility Apps and Ophardt can offer fully integrated smart washroom solutions. Our web based platform extracts dispenser fill, battery level, and usage tracking data. IOT sensors enable you to identify peak usage times and to predict expected filling moments. You’ll always be alerted by the Smart Washroom before supplies run out. The system notifies cleaners exactly when to refill a specific dispenser.


24/7 business intelligence

24/7 fill-level monitoring with Smart Dispensers

Automated Notification

Automated notification of new cleaning tasks and re-ordering

Data-Driven Cleaning

Predictive maintenance with IoT and big data analysis



Smart Hygiene applications for Hospitals


Successful and swift treatment of patients is vital for healthcare institutions. The spreading of infections in hospital environments often cause patients additional suffering and, therefore, an extended stay. Key to preventing hospital acquired infections are properly managed hand hygiene protocols.

Our complete intelligent hygiene solution enables hospitals to effectively safeguard hygiene standards. IoT solutions in combination with powerful software provides objective data 24/7. Fully automated data collection enables continuous analysis, from which weak spots in hygiene protocols can be identified and corrected immediately.



Smart Washroom Hospital Solutions. Intelligent Hand Hygiene Dispenser

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