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Being able to act, and react, fast and adequately to any reporting is essential for every business. A question or complaint needs to be handled satisfactorily and immediately. Internal communication is vital in such case.  Often there are many questions and the overview is lost. When this is not completely clear and properly picked up, it can lead to losing important clients. An innovative Service App is the proper solution here.

Our Service App offers you direct advantages and solutions for the issue(s) at hand. Imagine work processes that run more smoothly, a higher client satisfaction rate, lower operational costs and a head start on competitors. 


Service App Benefits


Service App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Service App Cleaning Facility

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Service App Cleaning Facility

High service quality control

Service App Cleaning Facility

Mobile ticketing


Clear and simple registration; Always a complete overview; Fast handling of complaints, reports and questions; You and your clients are always informed about the status of which activity;
Significantly improved Internal and External communications;



Service App Functionalities


  • Bottom up data storage – all data retreived directly from the workplace
  • Forms online and offline available on all devices (Android, IOS and Windows)
  • Data is lodged real-time
  • Everyone can view and complete checklists in their own time and place
  • Enables signing off with signatures, locations(s), photos (before/after), creation of multiple choices and customised tables.
  • Automated processing by means of push messages through our Application App providing automatic warnings when services are not completed or actioned;
  • Accessable for your staff and your client- Determine in the configuration overview which information can be viewed by whom;

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