The  Quality Control App is specially designed for the cleaning industry and cleaning services companies. The norms for this quality measuring system are based on NEN-EN 13549:2001.

This Quality control App is the most advanced and complete cleaning control app to execute and to do daily or weekly quality controls. It is a an effective and simple way to replace all your paper inspection forms. On request of numerous cleaning clients, our digital Inspection App has been improved several times since its introduction in 2013, providing maximum flexibility and functionality.

Nowadays it is quite common for to exchange detailed management information with your customers for optimal transparency and insight in your own operations. Our webportal allows you to provide insight in your own productivity, performance.


Quality Control App benefits


NEN-EN 13549:2001 for Cleaning Quality Control App

Anytime access to your organisational data

NEN-EN 13549:2001 for Cleaning Quality Control App

Business Intelligence Dashboards

NEN-EN 13549:2001 for Cleaning Quality Control App

Seamless Quality management

NEN-EN 13549:2001 for Cleaning Quality Control App

Safeguarding quality standards


Feedback from our clients: much quicker data entry in comparison with standard paper forms with significantly less errors; The cleaning forms no longer get lost and can be send real-time, directly to the assigned contactperson set by you; Completed forms are safe guarded and can be viewed anytime on your computer, tablet or smartphone;You, and your clients if you wish, have access to fully adjustable reports. We provide one standard form which can be fully customized according to your needs and wishes. You can even create, and provide acces to, a Dashboard specifically for your client;



Quality Control App Functionalities:


  • Use of the Quality Control App via smartphone or tablet;
  • Add and/or adapt your own Quality categories. This way offices, schools, universities or other objects will have other elements and spaces than for example hospitals, healthcare institutions or Holiday Parks and Hotels;
  • Give figures, scores, okay/not okay input to an object or element. Including the option to add remarks, comments or photos;
  • The Quality Control app can be planned and adjusted according to your planning frequency and needs. This way you have full insight in whether your checks are done on time and according to schedule:
  • You can built triggers or checkpoints in the app that will automatically warn you when certain quality standards are not reached;
  • Any deviations can be specified by means of push-buttons saving you a considerable amount of time;

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