What is NB iot Technology?


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NB IoT technology is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology-standard and is available within the FacilityApps platform. NB IoT technology is specially designed for the Internet of Things (IoT), so it is all about wireless sensors. NB-IoT focuses specifically on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life and allowing a large number of connected devices.

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What can you do with Narrowband IoT?


NB Iot is especially suitable for regular transmission of small packets of data, low power consumption and good indoor coverage. Due to the low power consumption, a node can last up to 10 years on 1 battery. In addition, NB IoT has the benefit of a 2 way data traffic, so you can, for example,  upgrade software or change settings at a distance.

This makes NB IoT highly suitable for IoT applications where conditions are not the easiest: such as passing on measurements into muddy areas, or in an office building where connectivity with LORA or 2G / 3G is difficult / impossible or is not scalable. You can also think of sensors in floor tiles for measuring parking pressure, or for water pipelines.



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How does FacilityApps use NB IoT technology?


At FA we test different types of sensors with NB IoT technology, as well as indoor (facility management) and outdoor (landscaping, construction, water and road construction). Think (for example) of smart washroom sensors such as soap dispenser, towel rack machine, lady bandage container, toilet roll holder and a people counter. But also in a dike surveillance project (strain gauge and load cells) and in measuring the filling rate of trash bins in the (semi) public space via partner Binster.



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IOT + Workforce management


FacilityApps believes that data from the sensors is insufficient, you have to do something with the data. We do this with our App suite which includes tasks, schedules, tickets, communication and notifications. Data collection and doing something with data means that you can start predicting your maintenance and behavior. Big data in practice! However, you need a platform and Apps that reach the people. More about FacilityApps.



nb iot technology in cleaning landscaping facility facilityapps



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