What is LoRa?


nb iot technology in cleaning landscaping facility facilityapps


LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a specification for a telecommunicationnetwork ,suitable for long-range communication with low power. The technology is used for the Internet of Things (IoT) and is widely promoted by Telco’s like KPN.

The architecture consists out of gatewaysnetworkservers and applicationservers. In Europe,  the frequency is 868 MHz. This message is received by the gateway. The gateway is connected to the Internet and passes the message on to the network servers. The messages can be retrieved by an application server. It can determine whether data should be returned, or be saved to a database (in our case, the FacilityApps platform).

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What can you do with LoRa?


LoRa is especially suitable for simple, incidental data exchange. Like on / off, occupied / free, full / empty. It is an energy efficient protocol, so it can work between 5 and 10 years on 1 battery. In the open air, Lora has a very long range.



lora technology in cleaning landscaping facility facilityapps


How does FacilityApps use LoRa in Cleaning?


 At FA, we have done various projects involving LoRa. We have gained lots of experience, e.g. with a project where we provided washrooms in a large office environment with different sensors: people counters (for measuring number of visitors), toilet paper dispensers, towel dispensers and lady hygiene containers).


Smart vacuum cleaners

Plastiflex and Facilityapps use LoRa for a plug-and-play system to collect data for applications on commercial vacuum cleaners. The system keeps track of how long on what date the vacuum was used. In addition, the system records where it was last used and where it is located. The time of the weekday in which the vacuum cleaner was used is also recorded. Furthermore, the stored data also shows how well vacuuming is done. For example, the adapter can see whether the room has been cleaned well enough on the basis of dust particles and movements. This data is stored and displayed in a dashboard.


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Revolution in workforce management


At FacilityApps, we always believe that ‘the follow-up’ is needed, so from data to info and to action. This means setting service workers in motion when there is a need to act upon this info. Schedule tasks automatically, forward notifications, predict when maintenance needs to take place and business intelligence / big data applied to this data. You need a platform to manage all this, that can also deal with the more complex aspects of larger organisational structures. More about FacilityApps.



lora technology in cleaning landscaping facility facilityapps



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