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Setting clear standards for what is expected of your cleaning program is essential for safeguarding reliable scheduling and an attractive transport system.  This can help workers of buses and trains carry out their duties most effectively. A cleaning program should make sure the work is carried out in a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious manner.

Routine tasks like the cleaning, washing, fuelling, shunting and manoeuvring vehicles can be fully digitized in our bus & train cleaning software. Software that allows employees to work on an automatically generated schedule.



Implementing the software

The FacilityApps platform works with predefined templates for operational programs. We include the templates in our software, free for you to use, copy and adjust to your each specific client.

The platform provides multiple methods for quality control. This includes photo and video verified tasks, to is guarantee adequate quality control towards clients .

With FacilityApps you have the ability to evidence work to clients and management. Digitising this process will result in increased control and efficiency. Possibilities for daily, weekly, monthly, periodic tasks to finish off easily on a smartphone or tablet. Time for a better performance with the software and apps of FacilityApps


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The monitoring of bus and train cleaning staff are key for a better public transport experience. Cleanliness, Facility and vehicle safety is essential. Therefore, it will be more important than ever for companies to establish a program for managing maintenance and cleaning operations. Our App Suite designed for transport (bus and train) cleaning supports all those who are involved in professional public transport cleaning. And, who want to increase productivity and profitability by improving the efficiency and management of operating personnel.

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High degree of flexibility in operational programs

Complete insight in BI dashboards

transport bus train cleaning maintenance app software

Quality Management

transport bus train cleaning maintenance app software

Track and guide operator and cleaner behaviour

transport bus train cleaning maintenance app software

Better cleaning quality compliance



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