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Because we have completely digitized the administrative work, supervisors can work more effectively. As a result, they lose less time and keep more time for personal contact with customers and colleagues. This will only improve the ambiance on the work floor. In addition, by listening to the stories of the employees you can make your operational systems even better. With FacilityApps managers need to perform fewer acitivities, which saves time and leads to an increase in operational efficiency. After all, hygiene audits must be passed flawlessly.

Cleaning and disinfection compliance does not merely include a properly executed cleaning process. Monitoring of  performed activities is, at least, equally as important.  Control-data needs to be readily available. The FacilityApps software for planning, quality control and reporting provides you with a platform in which data sharing is fully transparant and accessible for clients. 


Implementing your hotel cleaning app

The FacilityApps platform operates with predefined templates for operational programs. These templates are included in the software, free for you to use, copy and adjust to your each specific client.

The platform provides multiple methods for quality control, including photo and video verified tasks, to guarantee adequate quality control towards clients.

Our App ensures that everything is measured and saved. What the relevant tasks are, how much time is allocated to quality control and notification of new cleaning tasks. This is extremely effective, giving you complete real-time insight into all processes.


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The hotel cleaning app from Facility Apps gives you more control over your cleaning operations

The big topics of recent years in hotel cleaning have been hospitality and optimal customer experience. Accurate work programs, real-time planning and managing the quality of cleaning are important elements in this. There is also increasing demand towards cleaners in addition to their normal cleaning activities.


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iot hotel cleaning app software facilityapps

Instant notification of new tasks

iot hotel cleaning app software facilityapps

More transparancy between stakeholders

iot hotel cleaning app software facilityapps

Improved Quality Management

iot hotel cleaning app software facilityapps

Track and guide operator and cleaner behaviour

iot hotel cleaning app software facilityapps

Digitized forms and checklists



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