The FacilityApps Checklist App. Always on hand for speedy control and completion of tasks

As Team Supervisor, control is one of your many tasks. You’re always busy controlling and completing your paper checklists. The problem with this paper factory is not just the workload it creates. Also, the fact that you can actual lose or forget the physical paper. How easy would your life be if all your checklists would be readily available through one simple digital platform? 

Our checklist App acts like a generator that quickly and efficiently digitises all your existing forms. It stores them in one central system accessible to PC’s, smartphones en tablets. After digitizing the forms, are instantly available across all devices used in your company. All sorts of checklists can be entered into this App, allowing rapid search and completion of all your lists and forms.


Checklist App Benefits


Checklist App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Checklist App Cleaning Facility

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Checklist App Cleaning Facility

High quality control

Checklist App Cleaning Facility

Full transparency between all stakeholders


Significantly reduces error rate; Saves costs with the best checklist app; Lowers the workpressure ;Increases client satisfaction rate ;All entered data is interconnected on staff member, team, client, regional and even country level



Checklist App Functionalities 


  • Bottom up data storage – all data collected directly from the workplace
  • Forms online and offline available on all devices (Android, IOS and Windows)
  • Data is lodged real-time
  • Everyone can view and complete checklists in their own time and place
  • Enables signing off with signatures, locations(s), photos (before/after), creation of multiple choice and customised tables.
  • Checklist can be send directly via email or PDF
  • Automated processing by means of push messages through our Application App providing instant warnings when certain checklists are not completed or incorrectly filled out
  • Allows inclusion of own, or clients, housestyle design

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