Away with the paper working ticket

With the FacilityApps working ticket app, you have the flexibility to apply all your specific options.Hereby we understand, for example, counting fields on hourly basis, machine and material cost fields that can be added separately.

The working ticket automatically calculates the totals for which you can sign.

Or you just want it to be completed based on pre-imported pricing rules, also possible.


Scheduling or resolving workbooks

The work tickets can be prepared in the field or planning with a planning module from the office, possibly with a link from a software planning or accounting program.

In the sectors we focus on, such as cleaning companies, glass cleaners, gardeners and companies active in road and water construction, they still use a lot of paperwork, but that’s no longer necessary.

Benefits of native workbook app

  • Also works when you’re offline.
    • Useful in the field, our native app (no simple web app)
  • More efficient processes, no more paper:
    • Working tickets can’t get lost anymore
    • No duplication of paper forms in all kinds of systems.
    • Info can be taken directly to your billing program.
  • Real-time insight.
    • The current status of the planned activities is visible in the Planning screen, including the workload per employee.
    • Tracking & Tracing ensures that you are always aware of the location of your mobile workers.
    • Extensive reporting capabilities.
  • FacilityApps lets you define forms and working tickets.
    • So your employees only capture the information you need:
      • Material consumption
      • Hours
      • Delivery photos, before and after
      • GPS Location
      • Signature of principal
  • Multiple workflows possible per form.
    • Automatic distribution of information to the right persons and / or departments.
    • Different workflows as submitted information meets certain conditions.
  • Native apps for the best user experience.
    • Beschikbaar voor iOS, Android en Windows 10.
    • Being able to work online and offline. You can also fill in unpublished working tickets.
    • Clear design, Your mobile worker can get to work after an 5 minutes explanation.

FacilityApps App platform

Another advantage of FacilityApps is that you not only have access to these apps, but can easily expand. Choose from the app suite of over 30 apps and create your own business app. Hereby you can organize your organization with team leaders, executives, to people as you like. Of course, you also have the ability to give customers access to reports or the app itself. And the apps work offline as well as online.

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