The printing of work programs and schedules is no longer necessary with the Work Planning App

Example of the Work Planning app. This is backend overview.


With the work planning app of FacilityApps, paper work schedules, work programs and excel sheets become unnecessary.

In addition, you have an online real-time overview about what has been done and what has not been done. This applies to both tablet and smartphone, and for iOS, android and windows.

If you are dealing with daily, weekly, monthly or periodic recurring activities or work plans, then you have found the core of FacilityApps’ capabilities. 

What does the Work Planning App provide?

What does working with this Work Planning App provide?

  • you save a lot of time with big and complicated excelsheets per object/project. 
  • you do not have to print the Work Plannings and you always have the latest version, which you can edit with ease. 
  • you have insight into the status of the total planning 24/7 and directly. 
  • you can demonstrate the work more easily and prove it to your customers.
  • you can easily sort your complete organisation in regions and teams.


Online dashboards and reports about team and individual productivity

Business Intelligence Dashboards – big data and apps for the cleanroom industry

Future in planning, maintenance and performance

FacilityApps believes that we are at the beginning of a revolution for service and maintenance companies. Under influence of internet of things, smart building and smart city the way of planning and performance will drastically change. Employees need to be connected with a device if you want to do this. 

Thousands of users use FacilityApps’ Apps on a daily basis. We are the marketleader in the Netherlands of cleaning- and green sectors, and we also grow abroad. 

But we can also easily digitize their operational processes for other maintenance companies that are involved in service activities. For example road- and water construction, – management and building, maintenance, construction and catering, etc.

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