An tasks app for recurring work, work in progress, work programs / maintenance plans?


Would you like to check very specific tasks on element level so you have burden of proof of certain procedures (SOPs) and / or quality protocols (ISO or other standards)? A task app that is constantly updated through a real-time dashboard about what has/has not been done in the field per week, month and year.

Check out (down below) the functionalities of FacilityApps’ tasks and planning software and app, specifically made for cleaning companies, gardeners and other service companies.

The pros of the Tasks App 

A few pros have been summed up down below: 

  • One-time creating of task maps, task templates that are default, of course with the possibility to deviate from it; 
  • Easily linking multiple tasks in a work program / task map or type of maintenance or work slip; 
  • Scheduling these task templates on objects, employees or machines;
    With the app, you can simply check one or more tasks;
  • Each task can get its own status, where ‘in progress’, ‘done or rounded’, ‘canceled’, ‘open or to do’ are the default statuses;
  • Dashboard or planning overview including all the performed tasks;


What is FacilityApps?

Specially made for maintenance and service companies who have employees that work outside in the field or on site, FacilityApps offers a mobile workforce management app platform. FacilityApps has been active in creating apps for cleaning companies, facility management and green for over 7 years.

With apps, we mean 100% native apps, because we are going for the best and simplest user experience for the end user, which work on almost all smartphones and tablets. Finally, there will be a revolution on the workfloor by predictive maintenance, smart machines and big data through sensors in buildings and cities.



Welcome to the world of mobile work!

  • Entering data on all workstations and devices present
  • 24/7 up to date with administration, reporting directly to the place where it needs to be
  • It is possible to link with existing software (ERP, CRM, FMIS)
  • Implementation usually takes 1 day, so you are live fast!  

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