By assessing a person’s identity card or passport, you can be certain about possible identity fraud in a short period of time. This can now be fully integrated and automated with the ID Checker App from Facility Apps! This way you can build up a personnel file directly on the work floor and prevent fines this way. No more paper copies that need to be taken to the office and no more separate e-mails, super efficient.

Check ID with an App on the work floor

The process of checking is reliable and very simple. Within a few minutes you will receive an answer to the question whether a driver’s license, passport, ID card is genuine, if it is stolen or missing and if the person is allowed to do the job. You also have an overview for the HR department which checks have been performed and when. This minimizes the chance of fines.

NEN 4400-1 standard App

Verifying documents for authenticity is now part of the FacilityApps app platform as a worldwide service. Everything is based on the NEN 4400-1 standard. You pay a small amount per check and have all the information from the employment at hand at any location in the world. There are 3 possible outcomes: the proof of identity is real, false or we have not been able to check the authenticity because of the quality standard. This is directly digitally fed back to the sender.