Make the calculation on your mobile within the field. Designed for workforces like cleaning, facility, construction and landscaping


The FA Calculation App consists of 3 main entities: space, elements and tasks. These entities are part of a database that makes distinction between

  • Client,
  • Region
  • Debtors
  • Objects

By element the standardised time by unit can be determined. This way the norm time is automatically settled with the entered quantity. The Calculation App shows you exactly how much time is spend on which activity or task. The work program indicates the total standardised time by day, year and space. Besides it takes the hours and days worked over the weekend(s) into account. After the working program has been determined a PDF with the complete appointment overview can be printed.

In addition all basic elements can be saved in a library with saves you having to determine the standards each time all over again. In order to facilitate the set up of a new client, information from another space, element or task can be copied.  This way each calculation can be rapidly set up and executed.  

The calculation model has 2 variations:

– Every element has its own frequency (in case you are positioned on a fixed location)

– A group of elements has its own frequency (in case you move to different location each time)

Several aspects can be determined by frequency. E.g: on which day need the activities be executed? What is the starting date and what is the monthly (or annual) frequency these activities need to be conducted? Because the App works digitally a complete planning can both be rapidly made and  adjusted. You obtain a clear complete overview so that everyone knows exactly what, and where, needs to be done in what order. On top of this you now have a tool with which to inform and update your clients on the planned activities while, at the same time, provide complete transparency with the included reporting module.

All activities are automatically lodged into daily dashboard and control reports that can be made available to your clients. The Calculation App is completely transparant for your client. Only the calculation information is not shown. Our calculation/planning system complies to the highest HACCP standards and several audit trails have been built into the system to ensure it complies with all ISO requirements.

Functionalities Calculation App:



  • Bottom up data storage – all data retrieved directly from the workplace
  • Automated data lodging in a central system;
  • Drill down option to Client, Region, Debtors and Objects levels
  • Automated processing by means of push messages through our Application App providing automatic warnings when tickets are not completed or actioned;


Concrete advantages of the Calculation App:

  • Clear and simple registration
  • Time and cost saving
  • Always a complete overview of all data
  • Fast handling of complaints, reports and questions
  • Activities are automatically forwarded to the responsible person
  • You and your clients are always informed about the status of which activity

Welcome to the world of Mobile Working!

  • Data input available on all workplaces
  • Data available 24/7
  • Connection with your existing ERP-system
  • Up and running withing one working day.




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