Linking with FacilityApps

This page is intended for external parties and FacilityApps partners who want more information about the possibilities of integrating and linking data to and from FacilityApps.

In many companies, certain data from, for example, debtors, objects, employees are also recorded in other systems. The result is that the same data is stored and managed at different locations in the organization.

As a result, there is a greater chance of errors and a lot of time is lost here. This can be prevented by linking software packages to each other, so you do not have to enter data twice. With a link you have updated and therefore current data at all times, that also communicate with each other.


FacilityApps uses REST API calls to connect to external systems. Our API uses a secure connection over HTTPS and works with authorization tokens. Information can be exchanged in JSON or XML.


API Documentation

Very extensive documentation is available online for the developer. This documentation helps a developer in addressing FacilityApps. The documentation includes, among other things, the sample scripts.

If you are a developer of a (future) partner, you can ask our Sales department ( for a log-in to make the documentation available.

The FacilityApps Connector retrieves data from our software and then shares it with other applications. Fast and easy, without manual input.

With the Update Connector you can edit or update data in the software of FacilityApps. This way your data is always qualitatively good and up-to-date. This data can also be exported to third-party software packages.


FacilityApps partner network

Become member of the FacilityApps partner network. Below are a number of partners that have already realized API connections with FacilityApps.

  • Nocore (NL)
  • CleanVision (NL)
  • InfoGroen (NL)
  • Exact Online (NL)
  • (ID checker)


You can also build a link yourself using the FacilityApps Connector. Contact us.

Which data can you link?

Some examples:

  • Customer information
  • Objects and buildings
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Add time and hour mutations
  • Add billing details / work order
  • Create a sickness registration
  • Submit HR matters