Fast handling of complaints, questions and tasks with the Logbook App



Ongoing automation and innovation are a fact of life in every business nowadays. Automation and innovation is taking place everywhere at an increasing rate thereby rapidly changing the business landcape.

Nevertheless many companies still work in a very traditional manner.

They log their work production into a paper notebook, a form or sometime just a piece of paper. And quite often the staff forgets to look into or to complete the logbook. Consequently complaints, notifications and questions are not being followed up because of this leading to unhappy clients and disturbed  processes.

An innovative mobile solution can make a huge difference here. An App platform with the right combination of functionalities like our Logbook App, digitizes the logbook, speeds up the workplace processes and significantly lowers costs.

Functionalities Logbook App:


  • Bottom up data storage – all data retreived directly from the workplace
  • Tasks, questions and complaints creations, allocation and coordination
  • A clear overview of what has been done and what needs to be done with a To Do list by staffmember;
  • Automated processing by means of push messages through our Application App providing automatic warnings when complaints are not being handled or general action is not taken;
  • Enables Internal and External communication;
  • Everyone has access to the logbook- even without log-in rights questions can be asked and complaints can be handled by means of a specific link or QR code;


Concrete advantages of the Log App:

  • Provides an enormous advantage over competitors that have not yet moved to a Mobile Working environment;
  • Increases workfloor processes;
  • Substantially lowers costs;
  • All information in one single spot;
  • Enables and optimises communication between workfloor staff, supervisors and clients (of key importance in changing staffing situations)

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Welcome to the world of Mobile Working!

  • Data input available on all workplaces
  • Data available 24/7
  • Connection with your existing ERP-system
  • Up and running withing one working day.






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